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Nokia 8110 FAQ

Version 2.30, 11 December 1997

This is a FAQ for Nokia 8110-type phones namely the 8110 for GSM900 and 8146/8148 for DCS1800/GSM1800/PCN, recently announced at CeBit '97. Some info probably applies to the new 8110i. A more accurate name would be: Nokia 8100-series FAQ.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which phone? Should I get Nokia 8110 or <some other phone>?
Sorry, but this issue is approaching religion status, meaning that sometimes the reply you get is not technical, sometimes even illogical! So the short answer is: it depends... For instance, in UK, Ericsson GH388 is cheaper than Nokia 8110. Does that mean GH388 is inferior to Nokia 8110? Don't even suggest that GH388 owners! Also some features deemed important by Nokia 8110 users like me (the slider, believe it or not) could the most repulsive thing to some other.
Where's the battery life gone to? (Updated 6 Aug 1997)
Tips collected from the Net. Basically, the standby time depends on your talk time (including SMS and cell broadcast) AND your network provider. But rest assured that in sleep mode, Nokia 8110 uses only 3 mA, compared to 5 mA for 1610 and a whopping 13 mA for 2110.
Are there any cool or secret codes?
This is a link to GSMOnline, formerly known as Mat's GSM Page. There is also a pinout of the bottom connector. But there is no known code for accessing so-called 'monitor' mode.
Nifty keypad shortcut: while reading an SMS, you can press the 'C' button to immediately delete the message. Saves going through Option etc.
How do I unlock a SIM-lock/SIM-restriction/phone-tied-to-one-network?
First, somebody suggested: "The code is *#746025625#. This also works on Nokia 1610." Then Dr. Who from Sinister Networks, and also somebody from Finnish LappLand (SMS: +35840xxxxxxx) said that this is not true. This only shows the status of the SIM clock stop mode, and only works on some software version. So there is still no known way to unlock a provider's SIM-lock. Best advice for now: don't buy from a provider who locks their phone!
How do I find out the 5-digit security code?
You can't. If you forget it, you have to go to Nokia and reprogram it. From what I heard, Nokia will want you to prove ownership, before reprogramming any phone.
How do I find out the PUK/PUK2 (PIN/PIN2 unblocking key), because I forgot my PIN/PIN2?
The PUK is SIM dependent, so the place to go is your service provider, not Nokia.
What accessories are available? And how much?
In the UK, there are JMComms, Mobile Communications, and Freedom Phones. I like their site because they list prices that include VAT and delivery in UK. All claim to offer the best prices, but a quick browse will convince you that some things are cheaper on one or the other. For data solutions, only JMComms provides a complete list with explanation and prices.
Where can I hang out with fellow Nokia users?
At the Nokia Club, the coolest online cellular club.
I lost my manual! What can I do?
Well, there's the Nokia 8110 online Quick Reference guide at
Specification of the Nokia Data Card
Info on the new 8110-compatible Nokia Data Card. Other data cards like Greycell, Option, Psion Dacom, are cheaper, and may include PSTN fax/modem. But a data card solution is old news, because at CeBit '97 Nokia has announced the Cellular Data Suite.
Where's the official Nokia 8110 site?
Takes you directly to 8110 section on

Other cool GSM related sites

This is not meant to be comprehensive list of links. It's just the links I visit most often, mainly relating to SMS, GSM900, Nokia 8110, and Cellnet. For more complete list, see GSMOnline formerly known as Mat's GSM Page or for a site specializing in UK see the UK Mobile Phones Page

I'd like to have the cheap mobile phones in the UK, but use it in my own country
My experience and tips on getting a mobile phone for use outside UK. The same principles probably applies to other contract-subsidised phones, like in Australia.
Kevin Holley's SMS resources
Excellent site, particularly to SMS software developers.
A planned commercial worldwide e-mail-to-SMS (and back, presumably). If it's reasonably priced, it's going to be a great success. In the UK, there's already Airmail, but I consider it too expensive. Locust is cheaper, but it's limited to Orange (GSM1800) only.
Excellent site with lots of GSM info, including phone specs and reviews. Also has a GSM FAQ.
Official Cellnet site
My network provider in UK. Sadly, I will be leaving the UK in Sept '97, back to my home in Indonesia. There are three GSM900 operators there: Satelindo, Telkomsel, and XL.
JMComms, Mobiles Communications, and Freedom Phones
Mobile equipment suppliers in UK with comprehensive listing of accessories with prices. They can also supply SIM-less phones.

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