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From: erik at bussink dot ch (Erik Bussink)

Newsgroups: alt.comp.sys.palmtops.pilot

Subject: GSM Modem for PalmPilot (Product Specification)

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 20:23:07 GMT

Organization: Internet Prolink SA

Hello, Today I was visiting the Telecom Inter@ctive '97 in Geneva and on 3Com's booth I found a leaflet that might interest some of you.

I called the company to get a quote and a delivery date, and they told me the device would cost around 170 dollars and would be on sale at the end of October.

I have retyped the sheet below :

[Side 1] GSM Adapter for PalmPilot

Connecting to the outside has never been easier! Now, you're never away from the information that's important to you. Just snap on the Option GSM Adapter for PalmPilot and press a button to connect with your desktop computer. It's the most convenient addition you can make to your PalmPilot organier.

Remote hotsync... The GSM Adapter for PalmPilot has all the power you need. Fast connections and more than 15 hours of battery life, based on an average remote HotSync of less than 4 minutes.

SMS and Phonebook Management... The included Handphone software utility enables you to receive and edit short messages (SMS), and to manage your GSM terminal's PhoneBook.

A Wide Range of Applications... For users who require to get full communication power, additional software utilities are available and will prove the GSM Adapter for PalmPilot to be an invaluable ally to you whatever your needs - be they fax, send and receive e-mail or browse the world-wide web.

... anywhere and at any time

Plenty of people make mobile data communications possible. Nobody else makes it this easy.

[Picture of PalmPilot with Modem (same size as US Robotics) with cable going to a Nokia 2110 GSM]

[Side 2] Product Specification :

* Compatible with any PalmPilot or Pilot Organizer (Pilot 1000/5000; PalmPilot Personal/Professional)

* Data transfer rate up to 9,600 bps

* Data compression V.42bis

* Error correction RLP (Non-Transparent)

* Fax Class I, II

* Extended Hayes AT command set

* Batteries included, two Alkaline (AAA)

* Flash EPROM, upgrade to other mobile phones

Feature Table for different Mobile phones

Panasonic G350,G400,G500

Nokia 8110,3110 & compatibles [Looks like a 2110 on the pic]

Siemens S4 & compatibles

Ericsson 300 series & compatibles

Ericsson 600/700 series & compatibles

[a Matra mobile was mentioned on the phone call I did to the company]


GSM-900, GSM-1800 and GSM-1900 cellular networks

Data transparent - 9600

Data non transparent - RLP

Data : V.32, V.22/V.22.bis, V.23

Fax transparent - 9600 bps, G3

Fax Group III : V.29, V.27ter

Error correction : RLP, MNP5

V.110, ISDN

SMS (ETSI GSM 07.05)

Phoneboot (ETSI GSM 07.07) Not Panasonic G350,G400,G500

DTE speeds up to 57600 bps

Flash ROM

Low power consumption (50 mA 3V)

Standby 80uA

2x AAA battery

Power supply input (DC 3V, 100mA)

Operating between 0 degree C and +60 degree C

(Mobile Data Specifications may be limited by the mobile phone and/or the network operator or subscription type)

(Copyright Option International. Printed in Belgium 09/97. All rights reserved. Subject to change without prior notice. Any brand names and product names are registered trademakrs of the corresponding companies.)

Option International NV - Vaart 25, 3000 Leuven - Belgium Tel +32-16-207303 Fax +32-16-207164


Web [No reference to this product yet on their Web page]

Hope this will be of some interest to other people that have GSM mobile phones. I'm sure of getting one ASAP...

Erik Bussink

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