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Nokia 8110 Li-Ion Battery Tips

Disclaimer: These tips are picked up from users on the Net. Try at your own risk

For new batteries, charge it for at least 24 hours.

Expect several charge/discharge cycle before attaining full specs.

Desktop charger users: after the indicator says full, take out the battery, wait a few seconds and put it back. The indicator will charge again, and after a few minutes will indicate full again.

For charging on the phone: Same principle. After full (scrolling indicator stopped) turn off the phone, take out the battery and put it in again.

Rest batteries for 24 hours before charging. (I know, for poor souls that have only one battery, like me, this tip sucks!)

On the other hand, Rob Martin said:

Just got off the phone from Nokia after I had a few problems with my 8110.

  1. Nokia say that there is no conditioning required on the first charge ie, charge till it says "Fully charged" and then use it.
  2. The battery life is sim dependant. Nokia quoted me 55hrs on Voda and 40hr on cellnet on standby. (to check if you have a phase 2 enter Menu 55. If you have a phase 1 sim it should say not allowed)
  3. Nokia tell me that if the phone is only displaying 2 bars of signal the battery save mode does turn on.

From Andreas Lindermeier:

Here some information regarding the stand-by issue (from the German Nokia page). Stand-by depends on:

Some other technical info on battery usage:

From Lauri Hirvonen:

I did read this message and I would like to comment even I'm not specialist of this 8110. But generally, it is known that even when from users point of view the phone is "sleeping", it is not. Reasons:

  1. SMS messages keeps phone active
  2. Cell broadcast messages keeps phone active.
  3. Old Phase 1 SIM card processor is running. (New Phase 2 SIM cards goes to sleep if said so)
  4. How strong is the field. (Strong field, less power needed to operate the phone in even in sleep mode.)
  5. Operator's network configuration has also strong influence how well the phone is conserving the battery power. So how long the battery lasts depends also very much on the network and not only the phone it self.

And as I wrote here before,the 8110 is the lowest in power need when in sleep mode: 3 mA. 1610 needs 5 mA and older Nokia phone 2110 needs 13 mA in sleep mode. (measured by Tekniikan Maailma magazine 15/96 in their tests.)

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