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Standardisation of Distributed Open Learning Environments


Standards Activities

Relevant organisations

Groupware Resources

Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) & Groupware is an excellent starting point.

Main Groupware Vendors

Lotus Notes
The official site has technical specs, white papers, and brochures. Another excellent site is the Lotus Notes FAQ.
And the most interesting part is LearningSpace, with a white paper on Distributed Learning

Microsoft Exchange The official site. Microsoft Exchange itself is not used for learning purposes. Instead Microsoft offers online education through Microsoft Online Institute (MOLI). MOLI is basically yet another courseware-on-the-Web.

Novell GroupWise The official site. So far no educational uses of this software has been announced.

Oracle Oracle has announced the Oracle Learning Architecture(OLA), which is comparable to MOLI from Microsoft. You can have a go at demo courses at OLA site.

The Groupware War

Microsoft Exchange vs Lotus Notes
Here's what Microsoft are saying and here's what Lotus are saying.
Microsoft Exchange vs Novell GroupWise
Here's what Microsoft are saying.

Groupware vs. WWW

Internet Applications-Based Learning Environment

University of British Columbia, Canada
UBC has developed WebCT, a tool for creating online educations using the WWW.
Simon Fraser University, Canada
SFU has developed Virtual-U.


Last updated on 25 July 1998